recent works

Hydro power plants on Miyagam Branch Narmada Canal, Vadodara
Client: SSNNL-Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd
Feature: 6 nos. Hydro power plants
Year: 2016
Narmada Canal network has been spred over thousands of km in Gujarat. There are several drops in gradients which invites enormous potential for energy generation using its hydro static energy. To harness this opportunity, 6 Small capacity hydro power plants are proposed on Miyagam Branch Canal route. It involves design of huge underground structure for heavy machinery loads and water current thrust. The draft-tubes here are of horizontal type.
Steel Foot Over Bridge, Vadodara -L&T
Client: L & T (Larsen & Toubro) – IDPL
Feature: N –Type Steel Truss Structure
Year: 2016
L & T (Larsen & Toubro) - IDPL , is operating Tollroad between Vadodara-Bharuch. The company is proposing Foot over Bridge for pedestrians to cross the toll road safely. The foot ower bridge consists of stairs & ramps at both ends. It is a 3 dimentional Truss analysed & designed to withstand all possible forces.
Box culverts at various locations, Vadodara
Client: Sapient Techno consultants, Vadodara Municipal Corporation
Year: 2016
There are various new & modification drainage works proposed for hundreds of kilometres in Jurisdiction of Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC). We have been involved in structural design of these structures for vehicular loads as per relevant IRC codes.
Adani has proposed a rail connectivity from Killa Raipur to Adani Logistic for development of dryport near killa Raipur, Punjab. SID involved in design of various components on newly development of rail stretch including general arrangement scheme for culverts and crossing structures. SID also involved in architectural, electrical and sanitary services for various ancillary structures. Design of structures are done considering RDSO standards.
Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL) identified six fall sites on Vadodara Branch Canal (VBC) which offtakes from Narmada Main canal. The project envisages setting up six Small Hydro Power plants (SHP-1 to SHP-6) at these fall sites to harness available hydro energy. SID involves in site arrangement drawings including divergence of canal systems, road layouts, structural design of main hydropower plant, gated structures and other ancillary structures.
Executive Engineer, Dist. (R & B) Division, has decided to undertake Construction of four lane road (from existing two lane) of Dabhoi-Tilakwada Road K.M. 31/0 to 50/0 Dist. Vadodara, which crosses river Orsang. SID’s scope to develop design and layout of two lane bridge to cross river. Design proves involves hydraulic design and structural design of 2 lane bridge consisting prestress girders of 35 meter span.
Project involves the design of U-girder type super structure for Mumbai-metro project connecting from Dahisar to D N Nagar station. U-type super structure are made up of precast prestressed concrete to facilitate the east of construction. A 3D FEM modelling is done to analyse and design of super structure considering the metro trail loads as per Metro specification and guidelines.
SSNNL (Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited) has proposed 15 Syphons crossing Narmada Canal at Kutch, Gujarat. These syphons runs across the canal and are positioned below canal. They are of with various sizes and are of single cell type to 9 cell type. This project was done in association with HCC (Hindustan Construction Company). Scope included Hydraulic engineering and detailed structural design services.
Value engineering services for Major Bridge across river Luni on Barmer Sanchor Highway, NH-15, Rajasthan

Client: Apex Tarmac Pvt. Ltd., Himmatnagar

Services provided: there was critical design issued were arised during execution of the project and need to carry out the rectification of the executed work to suit the design requirements. At this stage the consultancy work was awarded to carry out the rectification, value engineering and completion of the balance work. Four piles with pile cap were executed at some pier locations and were required to execute six pile group at each pier. The methodology to integrate old pile cap with extended new pile cap was suggested. The similar issue at abutment locations was also resolved. Design & detailing of PSC/RCC superstructure spans, miscellaneous details, scour protection works was carried out.
Structural design of various bridge structures for Jabalpur Hiran River highway section of NH-12 (Package-1) in the state of MP

Infinite Civil Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Services provided: Detailed hydraulic & structural design and drawings of various bridge structures along the highway stretch that includes and new constructions, widening or reconstructions of culverts & minor bridges. Scope also includes design and detailing of 4 VUP’s, 1 Major River Bridge and 1 ROB.
Detailed Project Report of Various Major Bridges & Minor Bridges on alignment of Mandvi Bye-Pass, At Near Mandvi Town Of Mandvi-Kothara-Naliya Road, District:- Kachchh. (3 Major Bridges & 8 Minor Bridges)

The Executive Engineer, National Highway Division (Gandhidham), R & B Gujarat

Services provided : Preparation of General Arrangement drawings, Hydraulic design, detailed structural design & detailing, Preparation of detailed BOQ, rate analysis & cost estimate, getting approval from concern department.
Detailed design & engineering for construction of Jack well & Pump house for MIDC, Aurangabad.

Client: Spectrum Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai

Services provided: Detailed structural design, drawing and BOQ for the jack well and pump superstructure of 44 x 22 x 37.5m (h) size. Structure is 11m below ground level and supporting heavy generator floors at floors above ground level. Structure is supporting 20MT gantry to operate generators. A complete structure consumes around 6500 cu.m. of concrete and 1100 MT of reinforcing steel.
Value engineering & structural design services for construction of Pile jetty at Vanakbara-Diu

Client : Sarjan Construction Pvt ltd

The jetty platform is proposed originally to support on this Warf wall through the cross beams at interval of 5.5m. During the execution of the work it is observed that the strata met at the founding level of the Warf wall is weak and not suitable for the support of the jetty structure. Scope includes providing additional supporting structure for jetty platform. Further, due to rising up of water table at the time of construction, jetty platform was re-evaluated and designed as precast elements to facilitate the smoother construction and operation.