Our Team

Key Persons

Devang Patel
(B.E., M.E Structures)
Devang has 18+ years of experience in designing infrastructure projects. He has altogether designed more than 150 projects of bridges, flyovers, ROB, Pump houses, FOBs, irrigation, jetty etc projects during his carrier. He has successfully managed many projects with fast track commissioning targets. Some of these projects have been benchmarked for design and construction excellence by the clients. He is a visiting faculty at CEPT & Nirma University and has guided many M.Tech students for their thesis. A project is bound to finish on time and within budget if Devang is on the team. He is an exemplary consultant known for going out of way to support clients. Clients have greatly appreciated his responsiveness and leadership ability. Apart from India, he has also worked for ventures in Mauritius & United Kingdom.
Himanshu Parikh
(MA. Cantab., C.Eng. UK, MICE, FRSA)
Himanshu Parikh obtained his master’s degree in engineering from Cambridge University and practised in UK for 10 years before moving to India in 1982. In India, he has done innovative work with high profile clients in structural engineering as well as in urban planning, environmental up gradation and infrastructure design, with an emphasis on low-income urban and rural areas. His focus is to use water and sanitation infrastructure as a principal catalyst of poverty alleviation. In structures, Mr. Parikh has developed the concept of ‘mindful buildings’ based on simplicity, frugality and multiplicity. After 35 years of practice in India, currently he is a visiting lecturer in UK teaching at Cambridge University and University College London.
Mr. Parikh has held various positions outside his practice, including professor at the School of Planning, CEPT University and member of Governing Council of Department of Science and Technology, India. He has been the recipient of several awards including the SOM Fazlur Khan Fellowship for excellence in structural engineering, the UN World Habitat Award for Urban Development, Aga Khan Award for Architecture and a Citation by Government of India. In recognition of his contributions, in 2005 he was invited as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Arts, UK.
Hrushikesh Patel
(B.Tech., M.Tech. Structures – Gold medallist)
Having ample experience, Hrushikesh specialises in design of Architectural, industrial and Treatment plants projects. His pursuit has been to inspire the team to push the envelope of design. Passionate about architectural articulations, Hrushikesh explores a breadth of innovative solutions for any given problem. A strong advocate of Economic yet robust design, Hrushikesh has helped save a great deal of money for many clients. Having a shining educational carrier, Hrushikesh is recipient of 4 gold-medals & secured 1st position in University. Apart from professional work, he used to teach “Structural Fundamentals” at architectural collage & also acts as thesis guide to post graduate students.
Shashin Patel
(B.Tech., M.Tech. Structures)
A seasoned engineering professional, Shashin has a deep expertise of heavy engineering projects such as thermal & hydro power plants. A known perfectionist, Shashin ensures a high level of quality in design and deliverables. His systems approach has helped in ramping up engineering efforts for numerous fast track projects. Shashin is adept to both national and international codes and standards. With a solid theoretical background, Shashin is well read & has the ability to work relentlessly for the problem in hand. He is a visiting faculty at CEPT University and has been guiding M.Tech students for their thesis. He is also involved with furthering professional cause by being committee member of IAStructE Gujarat chapter.

Core Team Members

Harshit Somani
(B.E., M.Tech. Structural Design)
With a knack for handling high pressure situations, Harshit ensures careful implementation of structural systems on his projects. His focus on optimum design and efficiency remains unwavering. Known as an all-rounder engineer, Harshit has knowledge of designing wide spectrum of structure category like High rise buildings, Steel Structures, Bridges & hydro power plant.
Vishal Modha
(B.E., M.Tech. CASAD)
Armed with a wealth of energy, Vishal is a proficient engineer having hands on bridges, culverts and infrastructure works. Precision & persistence are the two virtues which drives Vishal. He has been known in adapting to client’s requirement to give the astonishing results. He is always up to date with latest IRC and IS codal provisions.
Bhavik Gajjar
(D.E. Civil)
Massive experience of 16+ years, has made Bhavik a established expert in 3D modelling of structures. A genuine passion for the profession drives Bhavik to be up-to-date on technology and software solutions. In his long carrier he has worked for MNC & many overseas projects from UK, Australia & Middle East countries. He always tends to find faster way to accomplish given task. For years he has been working on various internationally renowned softwares like Revit 3D, AutoCAD, Microstation etc. Bhavik firmly believes in design and construction integration using tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).
Mita Gohel
(D.E., B.E. Civil)
A senior expert, Mita specialises in quantity estimation & is expert on prestressed bridge detailing. She is having vast experience of 8+ years. Working with a goal to achieve accurate estimates, she helps clients exercising the much needed cost vigilance in projects. She is a marathon runner of the organization who performs exceptionally well during ups & downs of the large project works.
Nainik Darji
(D.C., D.E. Civil - Pursuing)
Gifted by calm & composed nature, Nainik has always been proved to be the dark horse for any given task. He is having significant experience for 7+ years in detailing works of buildings, industrial & treatment plant projects. Nainik is a time tested performer & has been strong advocate of better detailing practises. He enjoys time bound work schedules.