buildings & special structures

Some of the representative projects carried out by sid partners during their professional careers
Diaphragm wall, Maple Tree, Ganesh Housing Corp.,Ahmedabad
Ganesh housing corporation Ltd. has proposed A premium project named, Maple Tree at Ahmedabad. Deep basement construction demands deep excavation. The cut needs to be very deep and next to existing adjacent structures. A state of the art solution to the prestressed diaphragm wall is proposed which fulfils the purpose and enables deep excavation.
standardization work of steel connections, Adani
Owner: Adani Infra ( India) Ltd. Overview and Brief summary of design philosophy & procedure to be followed for design of various types of steel connection as per IS:800-2007,Varius connection design like shear connection, moment connection, bracing connection, splice connection, connections for Hollow members. To develop detailed design methodology, typical excel program to design each type of connection, standardised detailing.